How To Clean Your Furnace Pump

20 October 2015
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Furnaces are vital, not only to your heating, but also to your air conditioner. Many people don't realize that many central HVAC systems use the pump in the furnace to circulated the air for AC unit as well. Basically, all the air that comes into your house through the ducts has to pass through the furnace first. So, if your furnace pump is malfunctioning for any reason, it could be the cause of your AC problems. This article explains how to access, remove and clean the furnace pump.

Remove the Furnace Panel

Before you begin the project, unplug the power supply to the furnace. The furnace pump is usually behind a door panel near the bottom of the furnace. You can easily remove the panel by just removing a couple of screws. Take the panel completely off and set it aside. Also, put the screws in a safe place.

Remove the Blower

The furnace blower and compartment are easier to clean if you pull the blower out. The blower is secured to the furnace through a couple of screws in the mounting bracket. The screws are small and easy to remove. Set them aside and don't mix them up with the screws for the access door. As you pull the blower out of the compartment, make sure you unplug the power supply. The cord could prevent you from pulling the blower out of the compartment if it is still plugged in.

Clean the Blower and Compartment

You can finally being to clean your blower. Use a hose vacuum to clean all the parts of the blower. There will also be input and output pipes in the compartment. Vacuum these out and make sure they are not clogged. Keep an eye out for moisture within the blower compartment. This could be the sign of more serious damage with your unit. If this is the case, consult an HVAC specialist.

Finally, you can put everything back together and plug your furnace back in. Be sure to plug the designated power supply to the blower back in, before you reattach the mounting brackets. This is an easy step to forget.

Once everything is up and running you might immediately notice better airflow with your AC and furnace. At the very least, your central air will be circulating cleaner dust- and allergen-free air throughout your house. It is a smart way to self service your HVAC system with minimal work. For more information, visit Omega Air Conditioning.