5 Ways To Keep A Central Heating System Functional

28 November 2017
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Do you rarely use the central heating system in your house due to it being hot outside for the majority of the year? If the system is always in bad shape when it comes time to use it, the problem might be due to it sitting idle for the majority of the year. The best way to prevent the problem from happening is to contact a heating service to give the system ocassional tune-ups. A central heating system has numerous parts that can fall into bad shape if they are not serviced every now and then. Browse the list of things that a contractor can inspect and service when maintenance is performed: 

1. Oil Up the Moving Parts of the System

There are a few parts of a central heating system that must be able to move properly for things to work. When the system isn't used on a regular basis, such parts can become rusty and stop moving properly. A contractor can oil the parts up to keep them functional, and it should be done each time that the system is scheduled for tune-ups.

2. Make Sure the Electrical Parts Are in Good Shape

The electrical aspects of a central heating system are important because the system might not come on if they are damaged. You can ensure that there are no electrical problems by getting such parts tuned-up. For example, get the power cord to the furnace inspected to find out if it is damaged.

3. Tune-Up the Thermostat

Tune-ups must be done to the thermostat for it to remain functional, especially if it is rarely used. During tune-ups, the needle in the thermostat can be inspected and tested to make sure it moves as it should. The contractor will find out if the needle is loose or damaged. He or she can also replace the needle if it is necessary.

4. Check the Furnace Pilot & Burner Assembly

The furnace pilot and burner assembly are the most needed parts of a central heating system. The reason is due to no heat being able to be created if the parts are not functional. A contractor can inspect the pilot orifice to ensure that flames can fully come through. He or she can also repair anything that is wrong with the burner assembly or even replace parts.

5. Service the Air Handler Components

There are a few part in the system air handler that should be tuned up on occasion. For instance, the blower assembly might need to be tightened up or cleaned. The motor must also be tuned up or inspected to make sure it is running at its fullest potential to operate the fan.

Contact local heating repair services for more information and assistance.