Four Ways To Reduce Water Heater Expenses

12 January 2018
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Your home's water heater is one of the major energy using appliances in your home, and as such can quickly drive up your energy bills – especially in the winter months, where a lower temperature in your home means that your water heater has to work harder to provide the same amount of hot water. Over time, this can prove to be a fairly significant expense. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do to reduce the amount of energy that your water heater uses and save money on your energy bills throughout the year.

Lower the Temperature

The first and easiest thing that you can do to reduce the amount of energy that your water heater uses is to turn down the temperature. The thermostat will be located on the side of most units, and can be set by hand – in general, keeping the temperature of the water above 100 degrees Fahrenheit should be more than enough to cover all the different ways that you use hot water in your home, while shaving a few dollars off of your energy bills each month.

Clean the Tank

You should also make an effort to have a professional come in and clean the storage tank of your water heater. By having it flushed periodically, you will remove any built-up sediment and prevent it from forming into larger blocks or scales which can reduce the effectiveness of your water heater's heating element, increasing your energy bills while also reducing your hot water capacity.

Replace the Anode Rod

Another form of maintenance that can help ensure the proper operation of your water heater is to have the anode rod replaced periodically. This rod acts to attract corrosive elements in your water supply, protecting your water heater's tank from rust and structural damage. While this won't change your energy bills, your anode rod will prevent leaks from developing, which can require the replacement of your entire unit plus water damage remediation – both expensive undertakings.

Add Tank Insulation

In order to help keep the heat within your water heater's storage tank, you may want to consider purchasing an insulation sleeve from a hardware store and installing it on your unit. This extra layer of insulation will help prevent heat wasting while your tank is sitting idle, and thus reduce the amount of time that your water heater will have to actually heat water. 

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