What Should Be In A Spring HVAC Checkup?

27 February 2018
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HVAC systems are complex and very much benefit from regular maintenance and checkups.  Spring and Fall are important times to do this maintenance as the changing seasons usually mean the activation of heating or cooling that has been dormant for months.  The first cold snap and the first warm day of the year are when HVAC contractors start to get a ton of calls, and calendars fill up quickly.  It is important to get ahead of that and schedule the checkups before the seasons change.

A professional spring checkup should include several steps. Confirming temperature settings are correct and proper is important as settings can be accidentally changed over the months, leading to the system not coming on when desired or being set too high or too low.  Checking tightening electrical connections and measure voltage and current on motors and electrical parts will help prevent damage to electrical components, incorrect operations or even fires.  Lubrication of moving parts reduces wear and tear and can increase efficiency and lifespan.  The condensate drain should be checked, cleaned and cleared to avoid water damage to the house.  The system should be started, run and stopped to confirm that the controls work as intended and that there are no problems there.  The above steps should occur in Spring or Fall checkups, but for Spring ones, in particular, the evaporator and condenser coils of the air conditioning unit should be cleaned, as they gather dust and debris over time and this can significantly impact cooling efficiency.  Additionally, refrigerant levels need to be checked and refilled if necessary.  If the levels are low, there may be a leak, and this should be investigated and solved at this time.  Finally, for air conditioning, the blower motor and other components should be cleaned and adjusted if necessary, airflow is a critical aspect of proper HVAC function, and proper maintenance here can also greatly increase efficiency.

There is another critical aspect that you can do, inspecting and cleaning or replacing the air filters every month.  This needs to be done regularly and a house that tends to be dusty, has pets or has occupants with respiratory issues may require more frequent changes.  If you aren't able to determine where the filters are or how to change them, the contractor can show you where and how.  A clean filter has higher air flow, leading to higher efficiency and reducing wear on the system.

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