Reducing Cooling Costs For Your Home

23 May 2018
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It seems that energy costs rise a little more each year. As a homeowner, you're probably looking for ways to decrease the cost of cooling your home for the summer. Here, you'll find a few tips that can help reduce how much it costs you to keep your home comfortable as the temperatures outside soar.

Maintain the Cooling System

So many people neglect the cooling system in their homes. They figure, if it works, it doesn't need any attention, but the truth is, even when a cooling system is working, it might not be working as efficiently as it should.

Each year, have the system inspected and tuned up. This will ensure that there is nothing wrong that could cause the system to work harder than it should and increase how much energy the system uses to maintain a comfortable temperature in the home.

Circulate the Air

If you have ceiling fans, turn them on so that the air is circulated in your home. Check to see that your fan is spinning counter-clockwise. Run the fan on high. This will push the air downward. During the winter, you should run the fan on low in a clockwise direction to pull the air upward. Keeping the ceiling fan blowing on the hot days will make the room feel much cooler and reduce the cost of operating your cooling system.

Close the Drapes

If you leave the drapes open when the sun is beating in through them, you will increase the temperature in the room. So, when the sun is shining through the window, pull the drapes closed. Rooms that aren't used often should have their drapes closed all of the time—there's no need to keep them open if you don't need the natural light in the space.

Use the Ventilation Systems

You know the exhaust fan in your bathroom and over your stove? Well, if you use them when your cooking or showering, you'll pull the hot air out of the space and keep the temperature inside the room lower. Not only will this help reduce the cost of cooling your home, but it will also reduce the likelihood of mold growth in the space.

Talk with your local air conditioning replacement expert to find out more about reducing the cost of cooling your home for this summer. It's possible that your older unit can be upgraded and reduce the cooling costs even more. For more information, contact companies like Master Service Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration.