Four Questions To Ask About Your Heating System

28 June 2018
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Are you experiencing heating problems? Regardless of the exact type of central heating you have in your home (furnace, boiler, etc.), you need to keep an eye on it. Even if you have professionals service your system every few years, you might not be getting everything taken care of. Here are four questions that you should ask yourself in regards to the servicing and upkeep of your heating system. Asking and answering these questions could help you find the problem and improve your output.

Are Your Ducts Are Tight And Insulated?

One of the most affordable, yet helpful, things is to insulate the ducting throughout your home. Air ducts can lose a lot of the conditioned air as it travels towards the registers. When the ducts are insulated and air tight, larger percentage of this there is actually being circulated into your rooms. Another important thing is that professionals will fix is the refrigerant lines. Making sure that the refrigerant lines are calibrated, charged and properly flowing will aid in the heat transfer process. This is very important because making sure that cold air flows out of your home in order to let warm air come in during the winter and vice versa during the summer is central to the efficiency of your appliances.

Is Your Filter Clean?

Your filter is tasked with cleaning the air that is pumping into your home, but it also cleans the air before it flows through the furnace blower. This keeps the vital blower clean. A dirty blower, just like a dirty room fan, is not going to work as well. So, simply changing your filters can improve your furnace productivity.

Are Your Registers Clear and Open?

Many people fail to check their air registers. If you don't feel heat coming out of them, they might be closed. You might have adjusted your registers during the summer to account for AC flow. If you fail to readjust them during the winter, your hot air flow can be much weaker.

Has the Refrigerant System Been Serviced?

This is something that many people never think to ask. They might just assume that their HVAC contractor checked and refilled their refrigerant lines. Yet, you should have your refrigerant system checked every few years or whenever you start to notice a drop in heat output.

By asking and answering these questions, you are sure to improve your heating system. And your life will be a lot more comfortable because of it.