What To Do When The Heater Gets Too Hot

14 December 2018
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Being warm in the winter seems like a wonderful thing. It is great to step into a toasty house from the chilly outside. A heater that works well can also set your mind at ease. A seemingly odd issue that can occur is that your heater can seem to work a little too well. If you set your heater to a specific temperature, but it is constantly hotter than set for, this can actually become a big problem. Overheating can be an issue at any point, even in the winter. Here is how to deal with an overheating heater. 

Turn the heater off and use other means

If the temperature is climbing too high for you to be comfortable in your own home, you should shut the heater off. Instead of running the heater, you can use electric blankets and safe portable heaters while at home. If you own an electric fireplace, you can flip the switch to turn this on as soon as you walk through the door. While you are changing to an inside sweater and pants, the electric fireplace will make the common areas more toasty and comfortable for the night. You also do not have to worry about logs or a real flame for an electric fireplace, as it operates similar to a portable heater. 

Get a regular inspection

A regular inspection from your residential heating services company can suss out any type of issues. If you know that your heater is not operating to the temperature that you have set, your heating professional can check out the system's parts and determine what may be going wrong. Your temperature setting mechanism may be malfunctioning or the system may be pushing air at a different rate than it should. A regular inspection will let you know if any machines parts are getting old nor need to be replaced. 

Determine if the temperature is different near the windows

If the windows are lacking in sealing then there could be a slight draft getting into the home. If the draft is nearby the heater, it may be picking up on the temperature that the draft is setting near the windows. This will lead to the heater working harder to push more heat, which will overheat the house. In order to help the heater with the regulation of temperature, get the windows sealed where they are lacking. Once this is done, turn the heater back on and make sure that the temperature remains more stable this time.