What Can Cause the Air Conditioning Unit Fan to Stop Working

22 April 2019
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When the fan doesn't work in your air conditioning unit, the cool air that it produces will not be pushed into your home. Here, you'll find a few things that could be causing the fan to stop functioning.

Too Much Dirt

How long has it been since you've had the air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced? If it's been a while, the problem with the fan could be the result of dirt and debris getting caught up around the mechanism.

Before you call for repairs, you can try giving the unit a good cleaning. Check the center of the fan to ensure that hair and other kinds of debris aren't twisted up around it. If you see debris, do your best to remove it without bumping wires or damaging other components of the unit.

Once clean, test the unit. If this worked, great; if not, one of the following three problems could be causing the failed fan.

Failed Bearings

Fan motors have bearings that can wear out over the years. To determine if the bearings are the problem, expose the fan motor shaft. Give the motor a wiggle. If the shaft won't spin or if it wiggles a lot, the bearings are bad and the motor will need to be replaced.

No Power to the Motor

Another problem occurs when the fan motor doesn't receive the power that it needs. If you're experienced working with electric appliances, you can test the motor to see if it's getting the correct amount of power, but if you aren't experienced, this is a project that you'd be best leaving to a professional.

Failed Relay Board

The relay board in the air conditioning unit provides electrical voltage to several components in the unit. When the relay board malfunctions, the fan can stop running. This is not the first part to replace when you start having problems, but if several things are going wrong, this could be the culprit. If you've tested every component of the fan and fan motor and haven't found anything that could prevent the fan from running, the relay board might be your next step.

As always, use caution when working with electrical appliances, such as an air conditioning unit. If you aren't sure that you're physically capable or don't have the know-how to get this project done without making things worse, talk with your local AC repair technician for assistance. He or she will find the problem and make any necessary repairs to get your home cooled off for the summer.

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