4 Options For A Complete Energy-Efficient HVAC Design For Your Home's Heating And Cooling Needs

21 May 2020
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There are a lot of solutions for energy-efficient heating or cooling systems, but you may want to have a more complete HVAC system for your home. Therefore, you are probably looking for solutions that provide heating and cooling with an energy-efficient system. The following HVAC design options will give you a complete energy-efficient solution for the heating and cooling of your home:

Geothermal Mechanical Designs and A Complete Energy Efficient HVAC Solution For Your Home

The oldest and best energy-efficient HVAC solution for both heating and cooling is geothermal mechanical design. These systems use a thermal exchange that reduces the energy that furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners need to keep your home comfortable. These systems will require a geothermal heat exchange that is maybe buried pipes, a closed well, or a circuit of pipes sunk to the bottom of a body of water.

Solar Energy Integrations For HVAC Designs That Provide Energy Solutions For Heating and Cooling Systems

Solar energy can be used in several different ways for the heating and cooling needs of your home. One of the first options that you will want to consider for solar energy is a solar water heater that can provide thermal energy for heating and water heaters. Another option is solar panels that can power blowers and components of both the air conditioning and heating systems of your home.

Heat Pump AC Installation That Will Provide Your Home With Efficient Heating and Cooling

If you have an existing air conditioner and furnace with ductwork, there is an option for AC replacement that can provide your home with heating and cooling. Today, modern AC heat pumps are much more efficient and can also be used to provide heating. In addition, most of the existing ductwork can be used with these systems when you have them installed in your home.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems and Compact Duct Systems To Provide Your Home With Efficient Heating and Cooling

If your home has never had conventional HVAC to provide heating and cooling, there are a couple of options that you want to consider. First, you may want to have a ductless AC installed with a heat pump, which can be a mini-split system. Another option is to install a compact duct system with high-velocity AC and furnace for the heating and cooling needs of your home. Both of these are good choices for new HVAC installations in existing homes without modern air conditioning and heating.

These are some of the HVAC design options that will give your home a complete solution for all your heating and cooling needs. If you are ready to install a complete HVAC system in your home, contact an HVAC contractor, and talk to them about these options for the systems that are installed in your home.

For further information, reach out to HVAC contractor services in your area.