Central Or Ductless: Which AC System Is Right For Your Home?

28 July 2020
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Air conditioners are among the most important modern appliances found in homes today. Without access to an air conditioner, indoor living areas can get uncomfortably warm during the summer months. If you are ready to replace your home's lackluster air conditioning unit, you have the opportunity to upgrade to a system that is equipped to meet your needs more effectively over time.

Most homeowners opt for either a central AC system or a ductless AC system. Determining which is right for your home will require careful evaluation of critical factors that influence your cooling needs.

Available Outdoor Space

The first factor to consider when getting a new AC system is the availability of outdoor space on your property. Central AC systems are considered split systems, with a condenser unit located outside and an evaporator and air handler located inside.

You will need enough room outside to place the condenser in a protected location near your home. If you don't have much outdoor space, then a ductless system may be the better option.

Existing Air Ducts

Central AC systems utilize a network of air ducts to force cooled air throughout your home. If you have air ducts installed in your home already, then central AC is an affordable option. If you don't have air ducts in your residence, it can be costly to install them in preparation for a central AC system.

A ductless system requires no ducts to maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature. Instead of relying on a single air handler, ductless AC systems have smaller air handlers attached to the walls in several rooms throughout your home. This allows air to circulate without the use of air ducts.

Use of Energy

Energy usage is a topic of concern for many homeowners. If you are looking for a simple way to reduce the amount of energy used in your home, a ductless AC system could be the answer.

Since individual air handlers are located throughout the home, you can easily create a zoned cooling approach with a ductless AC system. You can choose to cool only the rooms that you use most frequently, turning off the air handlers in areas of your home that don't require ongoing cooling.

A central AC system will cool everything evenly, resulting in the use of more energy than is required to power a zoned ductless cooling system.

Work with your contractor to identify whether a ductless or central AC system will be better able to provide you with the cooling services your home needs. Reach out to air conditioning professionals like those at I C E Heating & Cooling for more information.