Furnace Signs That Show A Professional Heating Service Is Needed

24 December 2020
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Like every major household system, furnaces will one day experience an issue. Some aren't that bad, but then some are really serious and call for a professional heating service. Here are some you probably want to stay aware of over the years with your heating system.

Discolored Pilot Light

Pilot lights act as ignition flames for furnaces, and they should always be a blue color. If yours isn't and is actually a yellow or orange color, something is going on to interrupt the pilot light's optimal performance.

Rather than proceeding to fix this issue yourself, always let a pro furnace repairman take a look at this component. They can avoid damaging your furnace and stay safe at the same time. Typically with a discolored pilot light, this component isn't receiving enough gas and a furnace contractor can fix this problem so you don't have to.

Trouble Breathing Clean Air 

Sometimes when a furnace is really neglected, dirt and other particles will collect inside the ducts of your heating system. Then when you turn it on, these things circulate throughout your home, and that's probably going to cause some breathing problems.

If this happens a lot and is really affecting your indoor air quality, hire a furnace repair contractor to come service your unit. An effective solution is having your ducts cleaned thoroughly, which would be difficult for you to perform because this cleaning requires special equipment to accomplish safely and correctly.

Inconsistent Performance

Your furnace may work really well one day and then let you down the next. This inconsistent performance usually is a sign that a part is not working like it should, and in order to find out which one it is, you'll need to schedule an appointment to have your furnace professional tuned up.

The contractor you hired can run a complete inspection to see why you're getting good heat one day and insufficient heat the next. It could entail a simple solution or one that's complex, but at least you'll know what is going on with your furnace instead of just hoping it continues to work better moving forward.

You don't have to let furnace problems get in the way of enjoying those colder days. Professional tune-ups can be achieved by furnace contractors, and having them done at the right times or when certain problems happen is an easy way to get the most out of your heating unit.

For more information on heating services, contact a local HVAC company.