Air Conditioning Repair: 3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know

11 March 2021
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The air conditioner keeps your home cool during the hot months. Without an efficiently working AC, the high temperatures and humidity during summer can make things miserable. That's why you should maintain and care for your AC. Though well-maintained ACs are durable and reliable, they are not immune to breakdowns. When your unit fails, you need to find an immediate solution to avoid the discomfort that comes with high indoor temperatures. Here are some elements to know about air conditioning repair

1. Check the Temperature and Pressure of Released Air

The quality of air produced by the AC can indicate whether something is wrong. For instance, the AC shouldn't blow out warm air at low pressure. If that happens, then there is an issue with the AC's filter. An ineffective filter exposes your house to various allergens and germs. It can also affect the operation of the entire unit. When you notice any of these signs, check whether the filter is due for replacement. If the filter needs to be changed, ensure you get the right size and allow the AC to operate for a while to see if there are any improvements. If you are unsure how to purchase and install the right filter, hire experienced HVAC contractors. If your air conditioner still isn't working properly after you change the filter, contact a professional for repairs.

2. Look Out for Ice Buildup in the AC

Ice buildup in the air conditioner could mean two things. First, it could be that the airflow is compromised, or the fan isn't working effectively. That restricts the AC's efficiency and causes ice to build up around the coils. Running the air conditioner under fan settings for a while can remedy this situation. Though that allows the ice to melt, you should still get the unit analyzed by an expert to prevent similar issues in the future. 

Secondly, an issue with the coolant could cause ice buildup in your unit. If the coolant is problematic, running the AC will not solve the ice buildup situation. Only a trained HVAC professional can determine the cause of the problem and fix it. 

3. Remember the Outdoor Unit

Most people forget about their outdoor AC unit until a problem emerges. It is vital to check the condition of the outdoor unit from time to time. Any debris accumulated around it can restrict airflow and needs to be cleared out. Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect the outdoor AC and wash it thoroughly. If you are afraid of getting the unit wet and damaging the components, hire experts to handle the task.

It is best to leave any air conditioning repair tasks to the professionals. The experts have the right skills and knowledge, reducing the chances of mistakes. With professional repair, you will have your unit running efficiently in no time.