Heating Services To Prepare Your HVAC System For A Change In The Weather

7 May 2021
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The heating in your home is going to need to be turned off soon. Before the seasons' change, there are repairs and maintenance that need to be done for your HVAC system. Your furnace needs to be serviced, and other repairs will be needed for the AC. The following heating services will help you prepare your system for the summer weather:

Furnace Wiring and Electrical

The furnace problems that you may need to repair at the end of winter include issues with electrical wiring. There are various issues with the furnace electrical wiring that will need to be repaired before using your air conditioning. Some of the problems may even cause the AC to not turn on when it is needed during the summer heat. One example of these problems is a bad AC capacitor, which can affect the furnace and the cooling. Other electrical problems include tripped breaks, bad electrical wiring, and short circuits of furnace components. You want to have any problems with your furnace and other HVAC electrical systems repaired before turning the heating off.

Pilot Lights and Heat Exchanger

The pilot light may be another area of your furnace that needs to be repaired before summer. One of the common issues with pilot lights is a bad thermocouple. This is a security device that can cause the system to not turn on. This is due to the thermocouple shutting off the pilot light and gas of your HVAC furnace. Just like the capacitor of electrical systems, these problems can also affect your air conditioning and cause the system to not work properly. Replacing the thermocouple and doing other furnace repairs will ensure you do not have problems with your heating when you need it.

Issues with Blowers and Ducts

There may also be issues with blowers and ducts that need to be repaired during the spring HVAC maintenance. These issues often affect the air conditioning too. Thus, problems with the blower should be repaired before summer. Some of the problems that can affect your HVAC include a bad blower motor, damaged fan blades, and other issues that affect the airflow. There are also issues with the ductwork that will need to be repaired before summer. The ducts may have problems with water damage, air leaks, and other issues like missing insulation. Inspect your ducts for these issues and have them repaired before switching to air conditioning.

The heating in your home needs maintenance before the summer months get here. Contact heating services for help with these tasks.