Plumbing Services: 5 Causes Of Leaky Pipes In Your Home

22 March 2022
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Leaking pipes are a sign of trouble in any household. They can cause significant water damage and ruin structural integrity. Additionally, such leaks can contribute to mold growth which results in serious health issues. When you spot leaky pipes, consider plumbing services to fix the problem professionally. Here are five possible reasons why your pipes are leaking:

1. Aged Pipes

Quality pipes can undoubtedly last for many years. However, the material may wear out over time due to constant contact with water. Corrosion may affect iron pipes and cause them to become weak. Small cracks could eventually form in your piping system, leading to leaks. At this point, you need new pipes to prevent further damage.

2. Blocked Drains

Obstructions within drains can be inconvenient and dangerous. Such clogs contribute to pressure build-up within pipes. As time goes by, the piping system may burst if the clogs aren't cleared.  Blockages could also lead to overflow or back-flow from your drains. 

3. Excessive Water Pressure

It's no secret that high water pressure gets work done within a short time. However, you might be damaging your pipes without meaning to. The force creates minor cracks in pipes, resulting in leaks. The strain can even burst your pipes if you continue to use incorrect pressure. Fortunately, a plumber can test pressure in different fixtures and adjust them accordingly.

4. Damaged or Worn Seals

Rubber sealants ensure water connectors are tight at all times. When seals wear out, you might experience leaks from your pipes. At that point, the seal could be damaged, completely weakening the link between the pipe and the faucet. If this is the case, you might notice water on the floor beneath your sink or dishwasher. The best remedy for this is to replace seals and thereby restore normal functioning.

5. Rapid Temperature Changes

During winter, pipes can freeze due to the cold weather. Visible frost on your pipes is a sign that your piping system has expanded. Besides this, if no water is coming from your fixtures or faucets, you're dealing with frozen pipes. This could cause pressure to build up in pipes, leading to leaks. 

If your pipes are located in crawl spaces or the basement, they could eventually burst if the temperature keeps dropping. A plumber can help you prepare your pipes for the chilly months.

The above are reasons for leaky pipes in your residence. Work with a certified plumbing professional when you spot any leaks.