Is Your AC Unit Sick? 3 Unusual Noises Indicating It's Due For Professional Repairs

15 April 2022
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An air conditioner helps you create a friendlier indoor environment, mainly during the hot season. Without an AC unit, the air temperatures in your home might be unbearable during the summer. The unit also helps remove air pollutants and filter the air circulating in the house. Unfortunately, the AC unit won't perform any of these tasks when it's in bad shape. A poorly maintained air conditioner will make unusual noises that you shouldn't ignore. If anything, you should contact an expert in air conditioning repair whenever the unit makes some strange or bothersome noises. Below are some of the noises your air conditioner may make, indicating it needs professional repair services.

It Makes a Clicking Sound

If your air conditioner makes a clicking noise during a shutdown or start-up, an expert needs to check its electrical parts. The noise may be harmless, but it indicates that the AC unit isn't in good working order. Some people ignore the sound if it just happens once in a while. However, you should be concerned, particularly when your AC unit makes a clicking sound consistently. But why is your air conditioner making a clicking noise? This problem mainly occurs when the control panel is defective or the AC unit has a busted thermostat. In most cases, the switch may repeatedly turn on and off, and electric sparks could also be created. If the compressor's bolts or refrigerant tubing are loose, the unit may make a clicking sound.

It Makes a Screeching Sound

An air conditioner with a high-pitch screeching noise has developed a problem that a repair expert should fix. It's good to know that the noise can be obstructive. An AC system could make a screeching sound when the blower motor is damaged. It could also make an unusual sound if the fan belt is worn out or the fan motor is damaged. If the compressor has an issue, the screeching noise could persist. In this case, an AC repair expert should assess the AC unit to see what should be replaced and what part should be repaired.

It Makes a Buzzing Sound

If your air conditioner is making a buzzing sound, you should schedule a professional repair service. Most AC units make such sounds when their electrical system has malfunctioned. However, it could also buzz if the compressor is faulty or if the refrigerant is leaking. Your air conditioner could also make a buzzing sound if some components are missing or loose or the capacitor is broken.

Any of these problems requires a professional approach, and that's why you should always contact a professional for repair. For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service.