Reasons For Water Pooling Around Your Air Conditioning Unit

30 September 2022
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Observing water leaking from your AC can be perplexing because, ordinarily, your AC should effectively clear the condensate from the unit after cooling. Thus, if you notice puddles of water around your unit, it is likely a sign of malfunctioning. It is imperative that you hire an AC repair expert to diagnose the underlying issue and remedy it. Even so, read the four causes below to learn why water is pooling around your AC.

Blocked Drain Line

Your AC uses the drain line to empty the condensate brought on by dehumidification. However, dirt, algae, mold, or rust may accumulate within the drain line and form an obstruction. As a result, water will back up in the system and overflow into the drip pan over time, triggering the float switch. Power to the system then cuts out to prevent further dehumidification that may cause water damage. Therefore, you should contact an AC technician to clean your condensate line to suppress build-up that may hinder drainage.

Damaged Drain Pan

This component is located beneath the evaporator coils and collects condensation as it drips. A condensate line then drains the water outdoors away from the unit. Yet, the drain pan is subject to rusting as it is in constant contact with water. With time, the drain pan may corrode and degrade, leaking water. Thus, it is wise that you engage an AC professional to assess your drain pan's condition and functionality. They may patch the cracks on the pan, but if irreparable, they will likely recommend a replacement.

Drain Line Disconnect

A DIY drain line connection may fail to catch issues such as an ineffective attachment to the drip pan. This leads to the drain line becoming loose over time and disconnecting the system. As a result, water leaks and pools around your unit. Therefore, you should employ the services of an AC contractor to reconnect your drain line. To secure the connection, they reinforce the drain pipe with specialized tape.

Condensation Build-up

Although your AC generates condensation from dehumidifying, excess condensation build-up can cause leakage. This is due to high humidity levels increasing the condensate. In addition, if your ducts lack proper insulation, warm air may reach these cold surfaces and cause the condensate to accumulate. Thus, you should hire an AC repair technician to install a whole-house dehumidifier to help expel the moisture. Moreover, they will insulate your ducts effectively and seal any holes to prevent energy loss.

A leaking unit may cause water damage to your home if you fail to address it on time. Therefore, scheduling maintenance checks with an AC technician is essential to keeping your system in good working order.

Reach out to an AC repair contractor to learn more.