Commercial Heating System Upgrades

9 November 2022
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The interior space of a commercial building can be extremely large, and this can pose some HVAC challenges. In particular, warming the interior of a large commercial building may require specialized heating systems that can provide the necessary heat output.

Zoned Heating Can Save Your Business On Energy Costs

As your business goes through the process of exploring potential new heating systems for its building, a zoned option is a solution that individuals may want to consider. A zoned heating system is capable of providing substantial amounts of warmth, but it will allow you to control the specific areas that receive this warmth. This can be a useful option for businesses that may have areas that are more important to keep warm than others. A common example of this can be directing the majority of this heat into the areas that customers and employees will occupy while minimizing the amount of heat that is directed into unoccupied storage areas.

Replacing The Primary Heating Unit May Require Less Time

In cases where your business simply needs to replace the primary heating unit, this is a process that may be kept to a minimum amount of time. In most cases, a commercial heating installation service will be capable of removing the old unit and installing the new one in as little as a matter of hours. Projects that will require the installation of new ducting or radiator systems will take longer and potentially cause larger disruptions for the business's core operations. To minimize the impacts on your business's operations, you should have a heating installation technician review the current setup for your business so that they can estimate the total amount of time that will be needed for the new heating system installation. They can also discuss the possibility of scheduling this work for overnight or weekends when the business is more likely to be closed.

Secure The Thermostat

The placement of the thermostat for your new heating system is one consideration that often gets overlooked when individuals are making this upgrade to their business. However, failing to secure the thermostat can contribute to some problems for the business as workers and customers may be more prone to manipulate thermostats that are not located in secure areas. If you are not wanting to take the step of moving the thermostat to a more secure area, you may want to at least install a lockable faceplate that will minimize the ability of unauthorized individuals from tampering with it.

To learn more, contact a commercial heating installation service in your area.