Repairing Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

15 December 2022
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When your commercial air conditioning unit starts to suffer significant damage, it can represent an urgent matter for you to have to address. Unfortunately, it is often the case that a person may simply fail to appreciate the variety of performance issues that could cause their commercial air conditioning system to fail.

Damage To The Ducting That Transports The Cooled Air

The ducting that transports the cooled air will be an essential part of the system, but it can be one of the components of the commercial air conditioning system that will be the most likely to be overlooked by a building owner. However, there are a number of ways that this ducting could be damaged. For example, individuals that are hanging items on the walls could inadvertently puncture the ducting. Additionally, it can be possible for the ducting to develop gaps in it as it ages. These factors can cause the cooled air to fail to reach its destination, and this could cause severe performance problems for the system.

Replacing Damaged Fan Blades

Your air conditioning unit will have a powerful fan in it that will move the cooled air through the system. Unfortunately, the blades of the fan can suffer significant damage. In particular, they may warp. Often, this can occur if a rock or other extremely hard item is able to enter the air conditioning unit. In the event that your unit suffers warped fan blades, it may be possible to simply replace the impacted blades rather than replace the entire blower. This can make it an affordable repair, but selecting the right size blades and ensuring they are properly balanced can require a professional to effectively complete.

Faulty Thermostats

The thermostat is another part of the commercial air conditioning system that may be likely to suffer problems over the course of time. One example of this could be the sensor in the thermostat actually degrading and failing. If this were to occur, you may find it extremely difficult or even impossible to effectively regulate the temperature in the building. Cleaning the thermostat at regular intervals can help to lessen the risk of these problems developing. In the event that your thermostat is already suffering performance problems, replacing the entire unit can be an effective repair. This is especially true if the thermostat was an older model as this will allow you to take advantage of new modern features, such as programmable and smart thermostat options. 

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