Repairing The Most Common Issues Your AC Unit Will Experience

23 January 2023
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Having problems with your home's AC system repaired can be an urgent matter if you are to limit the disruptions and costs that these problems can create. Not surprisingly, a modern AC system can be a complex system that will be vulnerable to a wide range of potential problems.

An AC Unit That Has Frozen Over With A Layer Of Ice

An air conditioning system that does not have good airflow can be very vulnerable to developing a thick layer of ice. Another potential cause of this problem could be the development of a layer of dust on the coils. This can lead to condensation collecting and freezing more easily. Unfortunately, an AC unit that has frozen will be at a much greater risk of suffering a catastrophic failure as a result of this damage if the unit continues to run. If you notice that your AC unit has a layer of ice, it should be turned off until the ice melts, and it should be thoroughly cleaned to address any airflow issues that are occurring and to eliminate the dust's ability to trap condensation.

Damage To The AC Unit's Fan

The AC unit will need a strong fan in order to move the cooled air through the home. Unfortunately, it is possible for the fan to suffer major damage over the years. One example of this damage could be corrosion forming on it. This rust could cause the fan to swell in size and no longer fit correctly. Additionally, it will be possible for the blades of the fan to become warped. These issues could impair the ability of the fan to move air, which can lead to a decrease in the performance of the cooling system.

Inaccurate Thermostat

The thermostat is an important component of your AC system as it will control the entire system. If the thermostat is not able to take accurate measurements of the ambient temperature, it could lead to it being extremely difficult for you to accurately manage the temperature in the home. Often, these accuracy problems can be the result of the thermostat being dusty as this could impair its sensors. Periodically cleaning the thermostat can be a simple way of both avoiding these problems and correcting them. However, if you find that the thermostat's performance is not restored after it has been cleaned, this could indicate that there is a more serious problem with it that may require a professional technician to repair or to even replace it.

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