Solving the Cold Room Issue in Your Home

Safety Tips For Lighting Your Pilot Light

Pilot lights are found on gas-powered items including furnaces, ovens, and water heaters. The light must remain on at all times to prevent the dangers of blowing up the home when the gas continues to flow, and the light is out. The process of lighting the pilot is a short one, but it requires specific […]

Air Conditioner: Stopping The Noise

While air conditioning units are great at making homes comfortable, the noises that they make can become a nuisance. This is so especially in cases where the unit is either large or old. Large units can produce comfort-ruining noises simply because of their size and the amount of air they handle. Old units on the […]

Which Type Of Energy Is Best For Your Heating?

If you are thinking about upgrading your heating system, then you might have noticed that there are quite a few options when it comes to energy. You could get an electric heater, but you could also go for oil, natural gas, or even propane. Each is suited to a different purpose, and it can be […]

Corn Cob Heating Stoves: Should You Put One In Your Home?

If you’re looking into alternative, eco-friendly heating solutions for your home, one that you may come across is the corbcob stove. Also known simply as “corn stoves,” these heaters are built to combust corn cobs, a common agricultural waste product, generating heat and warming your home. Is a corn cob stove right for you? Read […]

New Eco-Friendly Furnace Upgrade Breakthroughs

The period when your furnace is starting to look beaten down and in need of repairs is often the perfect time to think about upgrading it. Heat often takes a large amount of energy to create, which makes it an excellent place to save on energy costs both for your wallet and for the environment. […]