New Eco-Friendly Furnace Upgrade Breakthroughs

19 November 2015
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The period when your furnace is starting to look beaten down and in need of repairs is often the perfect time to think about upgrading it. Heat often takes a large amount of energy to create, which makes it an excellent place to save on energy costs both for your wallet and for the environment. Optical Cavity Furnace This was developed within the last few years by the U.S. Department of Energy. Read More 

Three Ways To Lessen Your Air Conditioner Usage To Save Money

13 November 2015
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Your home's air conditioner can provide a significant degree of relief for your family as it keeps you cool while it's hot outside. While you might be tempted to keep the cold air blasting during a heatwave, doing so will lead to a hydro bill that will be higher than you anticipated. Through a number of simple steps, however, it's possible to still keep inside your home -- and keep your cool when the hydro bill arrives. Read More 

How To Easily Fix A Dent Or Hole In Your Heating Duct

10 November 2015
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Heating ducts are made out of light-gauge metal, which is great for pushing heated air throughout your home. However, light-gauge metal is not that strong. If you bump into it while working on your heating system, you can easily dent it or even put a hole through it. Here is what you need to do if an area of your heating duct is badly dented or has a hole in it. Read More 

Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC Systems

6 November 2015
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If you want to keep your heater, AC, and ventilation working smoothly, then you should consider doing a bit of maintenance and cleaning. Here are some tips that you can use to reduce the likelihood of your HVAC systems breaking down and wearing out: Basic Cleaning Although it may seem like common sense, people don't usually clean out their heaters or air conditioners on a regular basis. If debris builds up in either of these units, then it could lead to drastically reduced efficiency. Read More 

3 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Driving Up Your Electricity Bill

4 November 2015
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When the heat of summer strikes, most people are willing to do anything to keep cool. Unfortunately, this can often lead to undue stress when the energy bill rolls around. Luckily, it is possible to have your comfort and not pay for it too. This article will explore three strategies for cooling your home without resorting the air conditioner. Invest in some strategically placed awnings. Direct sunlight is the prime contributing factor to heat gain inside your house. Read More