Three Ways To Lessen Your Air Conditioner Usage To Save Money

13 November 2015
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Your home's air conditioner can provide a significant degree of relief for your family as it keeps you cool while it's hot outside. While you might be tempted to keep the cold air blasting during a heatwave, doing so will lead to a hydro bill that will be higher than you anticipated. Through a number of simple steps, however, it's possible to still keep inside your home -- and keep your cool when the hydro bill arrives. Here are three ways to keep your air conditioner usage moderate to ensure your bill stays as low as possible.

Ensure Your Air Flow Is Optimal

Closed or otherwise obstructed air vents throughout your home will force your air conditioner to use more energy to cool your living quarters. Over time, this extra energy will lead to a higher hydro bill than necessary. Inspect each of the floor vents in your home and ensure they're fully open; this position allows the air to flow freely. Additionally, make sure that your furniture or other household items isn't blocking the vents. For example, if you've positioned a low couch over a vent, the air won't be able to flow from it with ease. Consider moving any such furniture to allow for better air flow -- and less strain on your air conditioner.

Avoid Excess Light Usage

You might be careful about running too many appliances, given the heat they put off, but it's important to take the same vigilant approach with the lights in your home. Lights left on in several rooms can quickly elevate the temperature of your home, which will force your air conditioner to run longer and cost you more money. Try using less lights or, if you find that your home needs to be brighter, opt for LED bulbs, which don't generate the same amount of heat as traditional incandescent bulbs.

Install Energy-Efficient Curtains

The appearance of the curtains in your home shouldn't be the only factor you consider when you're decorating. Look for energy-efficient curtains, which are available in several styles and colors, to help with your air conditioner usage. Energy-efficient curtains will block the sunshine from entering your home, which is ideal given that the sun's rays can quickly heat your home's interior and force the air conditioner to run longer. By keeping these curtains tightly shut throughout the day -- and especially if it's sunny -- you can easily lower your air conditioner usage and save money on your bill.

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