Don't Wait Until Summer To Replace Your AC: Experience The Benefits Of Upgrading Now

14 October 2016
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During the summer months, your air conditioning unit was displaying a long-list of telltale signs that the need for a replacement was imminent. However, with the warmth of summer behind you, there is no need to worry about replacing it now. It makes more sense to wait until summer, right? The answer is no. If your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, the time to act is now.

Take Advantage Of Tax Credits

I want to pay more taxes said no one, ever. You can lower your bill for the upcoming tax season by upgrading now. If the air conditioning replacement is an energy efficient rated system, you can earn a credit of 10% of the total cost of the unit, not to exceed $500.

If you tap into your savings to purchase the unit, you can use any refund you earn from the credit to quickly redeposit the money back into your account. Next summer, there is no guarantee the credit will still be available and if so, you will have to wait several months to recoup the benefit.

Beat Unpredictable Weather

The mark on the calendar that denotes the start of summer is nothing more than an indication that the season has officially changed. It does not reflect when the temperatures will heat up. In many areas, you can experience summer like temperatures well before the twenty-first day of June.

Should Mother Nature decide she wants to heat things up early, your ill-functioning air conditioning will leave you to suffer through the heat. When you replace your unit early, you are prepared no matter how early the temperature starts to rise.

Save Money

As if you needed more motivation, not waiting until summer to upgrade your unit offers a great way to save money. If your system is failing and you wait until the temperature increases, replacing the unit right away becomes the focus. Rather than live in a miserable sweat-box, you won't spend much time requesting contractor bids or researching different units.

You will likely settle for the first contractor and unit you come across just to get a properly working unit in your home to keep cool. If you approach this task while it's still cool, you remove the sense of urgency.

It doesn't matter if the start of summer is a thought way off in the distance. It's never too early to replace your air conditioning. For more information, talk to a professional like Cape Fear Air Conditioning & Heating Co., Inc.