5 Easy Tips To Keep Your Furnace Clean

14 December 2018
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You rely on your furnace every time the temperature drops to keep you and your home warm, but have you ever considered that it may need to be cleaned? The truth is, keeping your furnace clean is part of being a dutiful homeowner, and also an important part of maintaining your heating system. If you are struggling to figure out how in the world you are supposed to clean such a mechanical system, you are bound to feel a little lost. Take a look at some easy tips to help you keep your heating furnace clean throughout the year and minimize your need for heating repair.

1. Turn off the power to your furnace. 

First things first, cut the power supply to your furnace either by unplugging it, turning off the breaker, or otherwise disrupting the power supply. You do not want the furnace kicking on while you are trying to get it clean. 

2. Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the unit. 

You really shouldn't need anything more than a damp cloth to clean any dust and debris from the exterior of the furnace. If you run into tough spots that are a little grimy, use a little soap to slough away the mess. 

3. Open the furnace door and vacuum out any dust and dirt. 

Most furnaces have a door you can open to access the interior of the unit. Open up this door and use a vacuum to carefully pull out any dust and dirt. Be aware: if you have never done this, you may be surprised at just how much dirt has made its way into the interior of your furnace. If there is anything grimy inside, carefully wipe it out with a soapy cloth and dry it with a soft cotton towel. 

4. Remove the blower unit and clean it. 

The blower system of your furnace will collect a lot of dust on the fan blades and motor as it functions. You can usually dismount the blower unit on your furnace by taking out a few screws. Open up the casing of the blower and clear it of any dust with a small brush or broom. 

5Change your furnace's filter. 

Once you have gone through the trouble of cleaning your unit, go ahead and put in a fresh new filter. If there is dust in the existing filter when you turn the furnace back on, it will just create another mess.