Air Conditioner Care For Pet Owners

7 May 2020
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You may not realize how much of a connection there is between your pets and your air conditioner. In fact, HVAC units do more than heat and cool your home — they also improve the air quality. However, your system will struggle to do so if it's weighed down by pet-specific issues. Your dog or cat can live harmoniously with your air conditioner as long as you attend to its regular care.

Change the Filter Monthly

HVAC professionals usually recommend you change your filter seasonally, so every three months. However, pets and their fur represent a game-changer. Manufacturers build filters to screen out normal debris from the daily function of your AC unit. Animal fur and dander is an addition to that normal debris.

Therefore, you should change your filter every month to five weeks. Look also at investing in a better filter. The Spruce recommends a pleated filter with a MERV rating of 8, which is an indicator of how much debris the filter screens out of the air. The use of such filters will help alleviate allergies.

Keep the Registers Free of Pet Hair

Some pets shed a lot. You'll find their fur every time your turn around. Part of the reason for that fact is that your AC probably blows the fur everywhere.

Go on a tour of your registers. Chances are if you have pets, the registers have a fine film of pet hair. When the AC kicks on, that fur will fly all over your home. When you do your regular cleaning, make a habit of cleaning the registers, too.

Clean Your Ducts

Between the air intake and the registers, you probably have pet fur and dander in your air ducts. So, even with a clean filter and registers, you still may end up with this allergen blowing all over your home.

If it's been a while since you had a professional duct cleaning, get one done. The HVAC specialists will not only get the fur and dander out of the ducts, but they'll also clean other debris that has accumulated in there.

Prevent Inadvertent Pet Damage

Both dogs and cats have a tendency to chew — pet rodents even more so. You don't want them to chew on any of the AC components. What's more, both dogs and cats might spray your outdoor AC unit to mark their territory. Needless to say, that situation isn't good for your unit.

Try to protect your indoor unit from sharp little teeth. Encase any cords so your pets can't get to them. Similarly, consider fencing off the outdoor unit so it's safe from territorial markings.

In addition to the above care tips, consider scheduling regular maintenance for your AC unit.

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