Breaking Down The Benefits Of Zoned HVAC And How It Can Improve Heating Installation

23 October 2020
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If you have ever heard about zoned HVAC designs, then you may be thinking about these solutions for your home. What is zoned heating, and how can it be used to make your home more efficient? These systems heat areas of your home separately for a more efficient solution. The following zoned heating design information will help you decide if these systems are the right solution for your home:

Efficient Furnace Replacements

First, you want to make sure that your home has an efficient heating system. There are more options than ever before to install a high-efficiency furnace in your home. This is an important component of the zoned design because it will reduce the energy needed to heat your home's different areas. Some of the furnace options for your home include:

  • Natural gas furnaces
  • High-efficiency electric furnaces
  • Heat pump AC replacements (used in warmer climates for AC and heating)
  • Biomass boilers with hydro-air heating system designs

Upgrading Ductwork for Zones

The ducts in a zoned system need to have plenums and dampers that adjust airflow. Some of the duct features that your zoned heating system will need to include:

  • Shorter lines with better insulation
  • Automatic dampers for separate thermostat controls for zones
  • Better plenum designs to improve airflow and efficiency

Installing the Thermostat Controls

The thermostat controls are the most important aspect of a zoned heating system for your home. These controls are more than the main thermostat installed in the main living area of your home. How do these thermostat controls work to provide your home with efficient heating?

  • They separate controls for different zones and rooms
  • They give mobile access to control heating system settings
  • The Ai can learn settings preferences to improve efficiency over time

Zoning Radiant Heating Systems

Conventional ducts and central HVAC are not the only heating systems that can benefit from zoned designs. Modern radiant heating systems can also benefit from zoned designs, but the system changes will be a little different. So, what needs to be done to give your radiant heating system a zoned design?

  • Separate lines for different heating zones
  • Installation of pumps for different zones
  • Upgrade the boiler control unit
  • Installation of separate thermostats for different zones

The zoned radiant heating can provide your home with the same efficient heating as conventional central HVAC systems.

If you are ready to update the HVAC in your home, these are some of the changes that need to be made for zoned heating. Call a heating service and talk to them about a zoned system for your home. For more information about installing a zoned heating service, contact a local HVAC professioanl.