New Homeowner? Avoid Falling for These Common AC Myths

8 June 2021
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The process of becoming a homeowner often includes a little confusion, especially when learning how to operate and care for the major systems of their home. For example, when looking for answers to questions about central air conditioning, new homeowners may unknowingly be the recipient of a few myths, along with well-meaning advice from friends or relatives. 

If you have recently become a homeowner or are planning to become one soon, this information will help you avoid falling for common myths about residential central air conditioning systems. 

Myth: Bigger is always better

Unlike paychecks and TV screens, bigger central air conditioning units can pose real problems for homeowners. Instead of creating a better cooling experience, an oversized AC unit is more likely to cause cycling issues that result in an inefficient cooling experience and increased wear on system parts and components. 

Instead of assuming that a larger unit will offer the most value or a better cooling experience, homeowners should understand the importance of matching component size to their home. Design, construction, square footage, insulation value, and exposure to natural elements are all considerations used by central air conditioning contractors to ensure correct sizing when installing new systems or upgrading existing ones. 

Myth: The off switch is your friend

The process of moving into a newly purchased home always includes a few unexpected expenses that can send new homeowners looking for ways to economize on utilities and other monthly expenses. Unfortunately, homeowners in this situation often fall for the common myth about turning off the AC system to save money whenever the home is unoccupied for longer more than a few hours. 

Instead of saving money, homeowners who routinely turn off their central air conditioning systems while family members are at work, school, or on vacation will find that their AC systems must work harder to cool the home upon their return. 

In addition to the discomfort of returning to a hot, humid home environment, frequent use of the off switch forces the cooling system to work much harder and use more energy when it is put back into operation. A more reliable way to save money on utility bills is to learn and institute good a/c maintenance habits and to program the thermostat for efficient operation. 

Unfortunately, these are just two of the many common home cooling myths that new homeowners may hear. To get factual information that you can trust, take time to contact services like Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar in your area.