Plumbing Repairs That Need To Be Done With Boilers And Radiant Heating Systems During Summer

8 July 2021
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If you have a radiant heating system, there are things that affect your household plumbing. These issues may seem to be more prevalent during the winter months, but you may also have to deal with issues when your heating system has been off for months. The following information will help you deal with plumbing repairs due to issues with boilers and radiators during the summer months:

Issues With Pressure Valves and Pumps

Many things can cause pumping problems with your boiler or radiant heating system in summer. This puts greater stress on the plumbing and can cause damage to the pipes and valves if not repaired quickly. If the valve name or brand doesn't identify it as a specific type of hardware, it may not be a good replacement. You might also need to have the pressure relief valves and heat exchangers installed on boilers and radiators looked at. There are also adjustable valves that might need to be replaced when they wear out.

Leaking Pipes and Radiators

The radiators might be shut off during the summer months, but radiators can still leak. The areas where you might have problems with your radiator leaking include pipe connections and valves. Many modern radiators have adjustable valves that are used to adjust temperatures in different areas or turn heating off in a room. The leaks can cause problems that lead to water damage, which is why you want to repair these issues before you turn your heating on. When there are still fluids left in the radiator circuit of your heating, this can cause issues with the deterioration that can affect your system. Therefore, it is good to drain the radiators during the warmer weather to prevent these problems.

Problems With Lines to Radiant Heating

Some pipes serve your radiant heating system, which might cause problems even though they are not being used. These lines can be a problem when water sits in them for too long. Therefore, you may want to circulate the water through the system occasionally when you are not using the heating. Sometimes, antifreeze and special treatments are added to these circuits to prevent these problems, which you may want to ask your plumber about when repairs are done.

Some issues with radiant heating might need repairs before you turn your system back on for the winter months. Contact a plumbing service to help deal with heating and boiler issues affecting your household plumbing.