Fall Is Here! Maintain Your Heating System

24 August 2022
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As the temperature starts to fall, it's clear that autumn is in the air. It's not quite time to turn on the heat yet, but it is time to start thinking about your heating system. Taking the time to maintain your heating equipment now will reduce your risk of breakdowns in the coming winter. So, what maintenance does the average heating system need? Take a look.

Replace the Air Filters

If you have air conditioning, the air conditioner will have been pushing air through your air filter all summer. There's probably quite a lot of dust in the filter. Replacing it now will ensure you have a fresh, clean filter in place when you turn the heat on. A furnace has an easier time pushing air through a clean filter, which will help keep your heating bills under control.

Clean the Vents

You don't want your heat system to kick dust all over the house the first time you turn it on. This will not only make your home dirty, but it will also encourage dirt to accumulate on the furnace burner, which increases wear and tear on your furnace. Cleaning the vents prior to the heating season will help with this. Take a damp rag and wipe down each vent cover. If you're feeling really ambitious, you can remove the vent covers and vacuum out the insides of the vents.

Change Thermostat Batteries

Having your AC go out in the summer is annoying. But having the heat go out in winter is an even bigger issue that could lead to frozen and burst pipes. You, therefore, do not want your thermostat to fail in the winter. If you have a thermostat with batteries, change the batteries now before a problem arises.

Have the Furnace Burner Cleaned

This is the one key piece of furnace maintenance you should not do yourself. Call an HVAC contractor and have them come clean the furnace burner. This will help keep the furnace running efficiently. It will also decrease your risk of fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Some HVAC contractors will change your air filters for free when they clean your furnace burner. So, check whether yours does this before you replace your own filter.

Proper HVAC maintenance will ensure your furnace runs well through the winter. Some of these tasks can be done on your own, and others are best handled by a pro. Keep in mind, however, that most professional HVAC teams will do any maintenance you request. For more information on HVAC contracting, contact a professional near you.