Call A Heating Service About These Problems Sooner — Rather Than Later

14 September 2022
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Sometimes, when you ignore problems, they do go away. But this is not usually true when it comes to your heating system. When you ignore problems with your heating system, they tend to get worse and worse, leading to bigger problems and more expensive repairs. The thing is, people don't always notice small heating issues right away. That does not have to stay true. Keep your eyes out for these seemingly minor heating problems that mean you should call a heating specialist.

Your heat is turning on and off quite often

If your heat is turning on and off more than a few times per hour, this is not a good sign. This pattern is called "short cycling." Even though your home might stay warm as your furnace behaves in this way, short cycling means something is amiss with the equipment. Your furnace may be overheating and triggering the automatic shutoff switch before it reaches the end of a cycle. This could be due to anything from a blockage in the ducts to a dirty furnace burner. A heating repair specialist can diagnose and treat the problem before it causes more wear and tear on your furnace.

Your furnace is going "boom" when it turns on

Are you hearing a sort of "boom" or airy "bang" sound when your furnace switches on? It probably continues to switch on and blow warm air, which may lead you to believe the boom is normal. But that's probably not the case. A loud boom when the furnace kicks on can indicate a broken heat exchanger. Cracks in the heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide to escape into your home, and CO is not a gas you want to inhale. (It leads to CO poisoning.) Contacting a heating repair team is a matter of safety in this instance.

Not much air is coming out

At times, the heat will kick on and warm your home, but the airflow to your vents may seem slower than usual. Don't ignore this issue because your home probably won't stay warm enough when it gets a bit cooler outside. Low airflow is almost always an issue with the blower motor. It could have a worn belt or worn ball bearings that need to be replaced. The motor may fail if you don't address the problem soon.

If you take care of heating problems when they're little, you won't end up dealing with big ones. Call a heating company, such as Integrity Air, to make an appointment.