Is Your Air Conditioner Lacking To Provide Comfort? Have These Components Checked Out Today

20 June 2023
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If you can feel that your central air conditioning unit is running, but there isn't a lot of cold air coming through the vents, it's time to call a service professional to your home. You are wasting energy and paying for the air to run when you aren't even comfortable, and you're putting unnecessary wear on the unit.

The heating and cooling service expert can do a full inspection of the unit and tune the machine up if it's needed. If this isn't something you have done regularly, it will be necessary. Talk with the pros about these different things as possible problems with your unit.

Filter Replacement

If the unit has never been cleaned since you've lived in the house, and you have never replaced the filter, this could be restricting airflow. A dirty filter will not only restrict air flow, but also increase energy costs, and reduce air quality in the home. Have the filter maintained while the professional is there to do an inspection on the unit.

Compressor Cleaning

Make sure there is no vegetation growing into the air conditioning unit. If there are leaves, branches, or other debris in and around the compressor, this will cause blockages and complications, and prevent airflow. This component pressurizes the Freon and then circulates it so heat can be released outside of the unit. This unit needs to be cleaned if there are leaves and more trapped inside.

Home Register Inspection

Make sure that there isn't something blocking the air inside the ventilation system throughout the home. There could be something that got in through the vents that are blocking the ducts. This could be anything from kids stuffing toys into the ducts to pests and insects nesting living inside. You may need to have a camera put through the ventilation system to check for massive blockages.

The thermostat should also be examined, to make sure that it doesn't need to be reset, or potentially replaced. There are smart thermostats that you can control wirelessly and have other features as well. Thermostats that can be set on a timer will save you money, allowing you to only maximize your central air conditioner the hours when you'll be home.

There are several different things that could be wrong with your ac unit. Talk with the experts and get quotes on the repairs that are needed, so that it can run more efficiently and at full capacity.

To schedule an inspection, contact an air conditioning service in your area.