Why Install A High-Velocity A/C System?

22 August 2023
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High-velocity air conditioning systems have some benefits over other ducted systems. Read on to find out what makes these systems different and why you should consider installing one in your home.

What Are High-Velocity A/C Systems?

High-velocity air conditioning systems use ducts to deliver air. However, they are slightly different from regular ducted systems. A high-velocity system uses smaller ducts and a high-velocity air supply.

These systems do work the same as regular ducted systems. You install an air handler in your home, say in your roof space or basement. This air handler contains all the components that create air conditioning in your home. If you want, you can also use a split-system model here that creates heating as well as cooled air.

Your air handler spreads air through your home via ducts. The ducts in these systems are smaller than the norm, so your system uses a high-velocity air supply to push air through the ducts as efficiently as possible.

Systems also usually use specialized diffusing outlets in each room. These outlets spread cooled air but compensate for the drafts that a high-velocity air supply can create. They take some of the power out of the air as it comes into each room.

What Are the Benefits of High-Velocity A/C Systems?

Some homeowners find it hard to install a new ducted air conditioning system in their homes. These systems aren't always easy to retrofit if you don't already have ductwork in place.

You might not have enough space to fit regular ducts. Or, you might not want to pay higher costs to have them fitted. This work can be intrusive and time-consuming.

High-velocity systems are easier to retrofit. Their mini ducts don't take up much room, so you can fit them into tighter spaces. Your contractor can easily thread ducts through walls and ceilings without having to do any major structural work.

So, your installation will be faster and less intrusive. Your costs should also reduce.

Many homeowners also like high-velocity systems because they deliver high levels of energy efficiency. Their smaller duct size works for you here.

Regular-sized ducts don't always have high energy efficiency capabilities. They can leak air out of your system. This wastes energy and increases your power consumption costs.

Mini ducts are smaller tubes with better sealing. They are less likely to leak or break. So, they will improve your home's energy efficiency and your A/C operating costs.

To learn more about high-velocity systems, talk to a local A/C contractors.